Frequently asked questions


How do I generate the MRV Payment Instructions (PDF/PIN)?


  • Pay by Cash     
    1. Create a user account on this website.
    2. Add applicant information to complete the registration.
    3. Continue with the flow of the website until you arrive at the Payment page.
    4. Select Pay by Cash.
    5. Download, print, and follow the Cash payment instruction sheet.
    6. Cash Payment Notes:
    7. Please allow 2 business days for the cash payment to complete and be active in this system.
    8. Do not use this payment slip to pay the amount indicated more than once.

Why does the reservation system website show a different amount in USD than the USVISAPAY invoice?


  • The formula to calculate the exact amount of the US visa fee in USD is as follows:  
  • US  visa fee amount in Pesos as shown in MRV PDF / current rate of exchange  = The exact amount of USD needed to pay at the bank in Mexico.

How soon can my payment be made at the bank in Mexico?

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Do I need to present the original receipt at ASC or USC?


  • No.  As per line 6. on MRV Payment Instructions PDF:  "Save a copy of your payment receipt as confirmation of your payment."

What are your charges for this service?