US Visa Fee & Rate of exchange

Calculate The US Visa Fee

The US Visa Application Fee Payment can only be paid in MXN Pesos at the Scotiabank or Banamex in Mexico, therefore, we need to convert US Dollars to MXN Pesos to complete this process.

The exact amount in US Dollars needed to complete this payment is determined by the exact amount in MXN Pesos as stated on the MRV Payment Instructions PDF and the current rate of exchange from US Dollars to MXN Pesos.  


  • MRV Payment - 1 Applicant = $3,705.00 MXN Pesos
  • Current Rate of Exchange = $18.00 Pesos per $1.00 US Dollar

  • $3,705 / $18.00 = $205.83

Please note that the rates to purchase MXN Pesos differ from the rates to purchase US Dollars.  In this case, we need to purchase MXN Pesos, therefore, only those rates will be taken into consideration when determining the exact amount you will need to pay USVISAPAY to complete this process.